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Snyder M.A. Chebyshev methods in numerical approximation

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Snyder M.A. Chebyshev methods in numerical approximation
Prentice Hall, 1966. — 125 p.
This book is intended to be used either as a textbook at the advanced undergraduate or graduate level or as a handbook for people actively
engaged in the field. Some prior knowledge of the rudiments of numerical analysis would be useful but is by no means essential. Occasionally,
arguments employing complex variables (especially contour integration) are used, but they are not essential to an over-all understanding of the
material; the student without a knowledge of complex variables should not find himself seriously handicapped.
The methods discussed in this book have application both to hand computation and to work involving digital computers. As anyone knows who has worked in the field of numerical approximation, there are few hard and fast rules telling one how to proceed in any particular problem. In this sense, the subject of numerical approximation is as much an art as a science. Bearing this in mind, the reader will realize that what is important are the concepts that underlie the various algorithms, rather than the algorithms themselves, although familiarity with the latter is certainly worthwhile.
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