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Learn about Seabirds. Teaching Packet, Grades 4-6

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Learn about Seabirds. Teaching Packet, Grades 4-6
Автор не указан. — Anchorage, AK: Fish and Wildlife Service, 1995. — 195 p.
This teaching packet is designed to teach Alaskan studentsin grades 4-6 about Alaska's seabird populations, the worldwide significanceof seabirds, and the environmental conditions to which seabirds aresensitive. The packet includes a curriculum guide (containing a teacher'sbackground story and 12 teaching activities), a separately published "Guideto Alaskan seabirds", an issue of a guide to Alaskan seabirds, Zoobooksseabirds magazine, and a full color poster promoting the protection ofseabirds. The magazine issue and the poster are not included with ERIC'scopy. Topics covered include seabird identification, food webs, populationdynamics, predator/prey relationships, adaptations of seabirds to theirhabitats, traditional uses by people, and potential adverse impacts toseabirds and their habitats. The interdisciplinary activities are sequencedso that important concepts are built upon one another. In addition, schoolsrequesting a workshop on this material receive a seabird slide set, a"Trashing the Oceans" video, and a NOAA marine debris informationpacket (DDR).
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