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Christiansen P.L., Sorensen M.P., Scott A.C. (eds.) Nonlinear science at the dawn of the 21st century

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Christiansen P.L., Sorensen M.P., Scott A.C. (eds.) Nonlinear science at the dawn of the 21st century
Springer, 2000. — 459 p.
Nonlinear science is by now a well established field of research at the interface of many traditional disciplines and draws on the theoretical concepts developed in physics and mathematics. The present volume gathers the contributions of leading scientists to give the state of the art in many areas strongly influenced by nonlinear research, such as superconduction, optics, lattice dynamics, biology and biomolecular dynamics. While this volume is primarily intended for researchers working in the field care, has been taken that it will also be of benefit to graduate students or nonexpert scientist wishing to familiarize themselves with the current status of research.
Nonlinear Science.
Nonlinear Coherent Phenomena in Continuous Media.
E.A. Kuznetsov and V.E. Zakharov.
Perturbation Theories for Nonlinear Waves.
L. Ostrovsky and K. Gorshkov.
Superconductivity and Magnetism.
Josephson Devices.
A. Barone and S. Pagano.
Josephson Flux-Flow Oscillators in Microwave Fields.
M. Salerno and M. Samuelsen.
Coupled Structures of Long Josephson Junctions.
G. Carapella and G. Costabile.
Stacked Josephson Junctions.
N.F. Pedersen.
Dynamics of Vortices in Two-Dimensional Magnets.
F.G. Mertens and A.R. Bishop.
Nonlinear Optics.
Nonlinear Fiber Optics.
G.P. Agrawal.
Self-Focusing and Collapse of Light Beams in Nonlinear Dispersive Media.
L. Berg´e and J. Juul Rasmussen.
Coherent Structures in Dissipative Nonlinear Optical Systems.
J.V. Moloney.
Solitons in Optical Media with Quadratic Nonlinearity.
B.A. Malomed.
Lattice Dynamics and Applications.
Nonlinear Models for the Dynamics of Topological Defects in Solids.
Yu.S. Kivshar, H. Benner and O.M. Braun.
2-D Breathers and Applications.
J.L. Mar´ın, J.C. Eilbeck and F.M. Russell.
Scale Competition in Nonlinear Schr¨odinger Models.
Yu. B. Gaididei, P.L. Christiansen and S.F. Mingaleev.
Demonstration Systems for Kink-Solitons.
M. Remoissenet.
Quantum Lattice Solitons.
A.C. Scott.
Noise in Molecular Systems.
G.P. Tsironis.
Biomolecular Dynamics and Biology.
Nonlinear Dynamics of DNA.
L.V. Yakushevich.
From the FPU Chain to Biomolecular Dynamics.
A.V. Zolotaryuk, A.V. Savin and P.L. Christiansen.
Mutual Dynamics of Swimming Microorganisms and Their Fluid Habitat.
J.O. Kessler, G.D. Burnett and K.E. Remick.
Nonlinearities in Biology: The Brain as an Example.
H. Haken.
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