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Shelley G.E. A Monograph Of The Nectariniidae

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Shelley G.E. A Monograph Of The Nectariniidae
London: Published by the author, 1876-1880. — 764 p.
I believe that my first attraction towards the family of Sun-birds took place in Nubia, where I fell in with Hedydifna metallica, the first truly tropical form of bird that I had ever procured.
The sense of pleasure with which I preserved my first specimens of this beautiful little species on the banks of the Nile above the First Cataract, and the engaging habits of the species, impressed me so much, that on all my subsequent visits to the African continent I paid especial attention to the Sun-birds in each country I visited. At that time, in the year 1870, I believe that both the late Marquis of Tweeddale and Mr. Bowdler Sharpe contemplated the production of a Monograph Of The Nectariniidae; and it was only on their making no signs in this direction that, after lapse of some years, I commenced to write the present work. If I have succeeded in reducing a better state of order than it before exhibited, it is in a great measure; due to the kindly assistance which I have received from ornithologists in all parts of the world, while at the same time I feel that I have left no stone unturned, nor spared any pains in my endeavour to make my Monograph as complete as circumstances would allow.
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