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Miller Gerrit S. The families and genera of bats

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Miller Gerrit S. The families and genera of bats
Washington, DC: Goverment printing office, 1907. — 342 p.
This classification of the families and genera of bats, primarily based on skeletal and dental characters, is chiefly the result of my studies of the collections in the United States National Museum. During two visits to Europe I have, however, been permitted with the utmost liberality to examine the material in the museums of London, Paris, Leiden, and Berlin, with the result that members of practically all the known genera of Chiroptera have passed through my hands.
To the authorities of these institutions I take pleasure in acknowledging my indebtedness. I am also under special obligations to Mr. Oldfield Thomas for the unique facilities that I have enjoyed for working in the British Museum, and to Mr. Knud Andersen for his unfailing kindness in verifying special characters in the specimens in London. Finally, to my assistant, Dr. Marcus W. Lyon, jr., acknowledgment is due for his care in superintending the drawing of some of the illustrations and assistance in reading proof during my absence from Washington.
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