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Finn F. The World's Birds. A simple and popular classification of the Birds of the World

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Finn F. The World's Birds. A simple and popular classification of the Birds of the World
London: Hutchinson & Co., 1908. — 262 p.
The present work is an attempt to afford a practical and comprehensive survey of the living birds of the world for the benefit of those who have not the time or inclination to engage in dissection or detailed museum work, but wish to form, from simple ordinary observation of living or stuffed birds, some idea of the relationships and attributes of the birds they may meet with, especially foreign species; for presumably readers of this book will have made themselves acquainted with the familiar species of our own country, on which so many useful handbooks have been published.
The alphabetical order in which the families are treated has been adopted from the point of view of expediency, as the families of birds are so numerous, and their relationships to each other, even if they were completely agreed upon by ornithologists, could not in any case be exhibited naturally in linear order. When a sub-heading under any family is omitted, it is implied that the author had no information on that point.
The concise and systematic form in which the information about each family is given will, it is hoped, be found particularly convenient for reference, and the credit for this is due to Dr. P. Chalmers Mitchell, F.R.S., Secretary to the Zoological Society, who, before his appointment to that post, was engaged in writing a work somewhat on the present lines, in co-operation with the present writer, and has kindly allowed him to use the idea.
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