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Griebel M. (Ed.) Singular Phenomena and Scaling in Mathematical Models

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Griebel M. (Ed.) Singular Phenomena and Scaling in Mathematical Models
Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, 2014. — 432 p. — ISBN 3319007858.
The book integrates theoretical analysis, numerical simulation and modeling approaches for the treatment of singular phenomena. The projects covered focus on actual applied problems, and develop qualitatively new and mathematically challenging methods for various problems from the natural sciences. Ranging from stochastic and geometric analysis over nonlinear analysis and modelling to numerical analysis and scientific computation, the book is divided into the three sections: A) Scaling limits of diffusion processes and singular spaces, B) Multiple scales in mathematical models of materials science and biology and C) Numerics for multiscale models and singular phenomena. Each section addresses the key aspects of multiple scales and model hierarchies, singularities and degeneracies, and scaling laws and self-similarity.
From the contents
Scaling Limits of Diffusion Processes and Singular Spaces
Multiple Scales in Mathematical Models of Materials Science and
Numerics for Multiscale Models and Singular Phenomena
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