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Strong Reuben M. A bibliography of birds. Part 4. Finding index

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Strong Reuben M. A bibliography of birds. Part 4. Finding index
Chicago: Field Museum press, 1959. — 206 p. — Field Museum of Natural History. Zoological series. Volume 25, part 4.
Because many topics and names of species or of groups occur in two or more (often many) places in the Subject Index, a Finding Index is essential. In it, we have one continuous alphabetically arranged list. Thus references to the ear, eggs, or Anas occur in many parts of the Subject Index. One of the main sections is devoted to the ear, but references to the ear occur in other sections.
Not all topics involving birds are in these indices, in spite of great efforts to secure completeness within the limitations of the work (see second paragraph of the Preface to Part 3 and paragraph G, page 9 of Part 3). Furthermore, special topics are often treated in publications under more general headings. The ear, for instance, is also treated in some general works or in treatises on comparative anatomy, sometimes extensively.
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