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Strong Reuben M. A bibliography of birds. Part 3. Subject index

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Strong Reuben M. A bibliography of birds. Part 3. Subject index
Chicago: Field Museum press, 1946. — 541 p. — Field Museum of Natural History. Zoological series. Volume 25, part 3.
The manuscript of this Subject Index was apparently ready in the summer of 1939. Study, however, revealed that most of it could be improved by rearrangement and that much checking for accuracy was needed. Each item was checked against the Author Catalogue by assistants, two or more times. Much additional library work by myself was found desirable, as questions arose. Hardly a week passed during the following two years when it was not necessary to consult publications cited, and usually there were a number of such consultations each day.
Because in the early years of preparation of this work there was uncertainty as to how extensive a subject index was feasible, from the standpoint of expense of publication, and also because there was a gradual evolution in the general plan, there is not a completely consistent recognition of details in publications. For instance, items in Behavior and Ecology at first were recorded as such without elaboration, but were much subdivided later. Thousands of publications were reviewed one or more times, as the policy of elaboration developed, but it was not feasible to see all publications a second time, especially when they were not in Chicago libraries. However, some were re-examined in the libraries of other cities. This re-examination also involved noting whether publications have literature citations, a practice borrowed from the Dean Bibliography of Fishes after the manuscript for Parts 1 and 2 had been typed.
There is much, but not complete, cross referencing. It is hoped that the Finding Index will supplement the cross references sufficiently to compensate considerably for this incompleteness. Though both the subject and finding indices are extensive, they do not pretend to include all the topics that occur in publications cited in Parts 1 and 2.
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