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Hout Jerry L. Contribution toward a bibliography on Brant

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Hout Jerry L. Contribution toward a bibliography on Brant
Washington, D.C.: US Government printihg office, 1967. — 24 p. — Special Scientific Report. Wildlife №103
The most important nesting areas of the black brant (Branta bernicla nigricans) are on the Clarence Rhode National Wildlife Range on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta of Alaska. Consequently, this species is of particular concern to management of the refuge. This bibliography was prepared to facilitate collection of information useful in management or in planning additional studies on the refuge. Publication of the bibliography in its present form may help others who are similarly concerned with this species. Emphasis was placed on locating references to the Pacific black brant, but references to the Atlantic brant (Branta bernicla horta) have been included. The only general ornithological works listed are those of a regional nature. Other general ornithological publications are usually so well known that their inclusion would be superfluous. The unpublished reports listed, containing results of current investigations and historical data, are in the files of the Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game but are not available for general distribution. Interested persons may request permission to view these reports by writing to the Juneau, Alaska, offices of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and of the Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife. Censuses and inventories of black brant appear in nearly all of the unpublished Pacific Waterfowl Flyway Reports; I have listed only those reports that contain information deemed pertinent, such as breeding ground studies, migration and distribution data, and censusing techniques.
All references cited were obtained from publications contained in the libraries of the University of Alaska, Clarence Rhode National Wildlife Range, Izembek National Wildlife Range, and Kenai National Moose Range.
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