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Calabrese E.J. (Ed.) Biological Effects of Low Level Exposures to Chemical and Radiation

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Calabrese E.J. (Ed.) Biological Effects of Low Level Exposures to Chemical and Radiation
Taylor & Francis, CRC Press, 2018. — 172 p. — ISBN 1138506729.
This book features papers presented at a workshop discussing current knowledge about the biological effects of low level exposures (BELLE). The book is designed to help establish a scientific base for future BELLE initiatives and is focused on the issue of the toxicological implications of biological adaptations. Hormesis is considered in a broad, conceptual manner, as well as at molecular and biochemical levels. Other topics covered include the effects of low levels of radiation on biological systems, how the liver adapts to genetic insults, biostatistical considerations when designing studies that address issues associated with biological responses to low doses of chemicals and radiation, and the issues that surround the interpretation of findings from such studies.
Hypotheses on Mammalian Aging, Toxicity, and Longevity Hormesis: Explication by a Generalized Gompertz Function
The Role of the “Stress Protein Response” in Hormesis
DNA Repair: As Influenced by Age, Nutrition, and Exposure to Toxic Substances
Biochemical Mechanisms of Biphasic Dose-Response Relationships: Role of Hormesis
Effects of Low-Dose Radiation on the Immune Response
Cellular Adaptation as an Important Response During Chemical Carcinogenesis
Biostatistical Approaches for Modeling U-Shaped Dose-Response Curves and Study Design Considerations in Assessing the Biological Effects of Low Doses
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