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Rave ABC 2 3 6

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Rave ABC 2 3 6
Jovian Archive Corporation, 2005. — 107 p.
Having received your Human Design reading and taken the Living Design Course, you’re now ready to go to the next level. Whether you want to become a Human Design Analyst or just know more about Human Design, the Rave ABCs will give you a foundation and basic skills for understanding the Rave Bodygraph. All your assignments and exercises will be completed during class with no outside homework assigned Welcome to the ABCs of Human Design,
As a logical system. Human Design is based on formulas and the underlying structure is revealed through these formulas. In the Rave ABCs, there are eleven components that taken in their entirety will give you the essential visual language of the chart at a surface level. These components can be described in a formula of 2: 3: 6.
• The 2 is the Black and Red or the Personality and the Design
• The 3 is the Circuits and Circuit Groups
• The 6 is the Hexagram Structure
Like a child's building blocks, the components can be arranged and rearranged. By practicing with each on many charts, you'll develop the tools to read the map contained in the Human Design Rave Bodygraph.
You may notice as you study Human Design that some of the components look familiar and seem to have come from other systems, such as astrology. That’s because Design is a synthesis of science and ancient disciplines, such as genetics, physics, astrology, the Kabbalah, and the I'Ching. Like any synthesis, the whole is greater than the parts and the parts have been mutated into the whole and no longer stand alone. But let's begin with an overview of the synthesis that underlies Human Design, which will give you a broad view of the overall landscape of the system.
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