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Householder A.S. Principles of numerical analysis

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Householder A.S. Principles of numerical analysis
McGraw-Hill, 1953. — 286 p.
Both routines of numerical computation and those of high-speed digital computation rely on basic principles of numerical analysis. This text offers a clear and concise presentation by one of the authorities in the field. An excellent reference and study work, it covers a significant amount of information on essential topics for intermediate to advanced mathematicians and computer scientists.
Based on a lecture course given in Oak Ridge for the University of Tennessee, this volume concerns general topics of the solution of finite systems of linear and nonlinear equations and the approximate representation of functions. Specific chapters cover the art of computation, matrices and linear equations, nonlinear equations and systems, the proper values and vectors of a matrix, interpolation, more general methods of approximation, numerical integration and differentiation, and the Monte Carlo method. The Graeffe process, Bernoulli's method, polynomial interpolation, and the quadrature problem receive special attention.
Each chapter contains bibliographic notes, and an extensive bibliography appears at the end. A final section provides 54 problems, subdivided according to chapter, for additional reinforcement.
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