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Trotzky Leon. The Bolsheviki and world peace

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Trotzky Leon. The Bolsheviki and world peace
New York: Boni and Liveright, 1918. — 238 p. Introduction by Lincoln Steffens.
The voice that speaks in this book is the voice of Leon Trotzky, the Bolshevik Minister of Foreign Affairs for Revolutionary Russia. It is expressing ideas and views which lighted him on the course of his policy toward the War, Peace and the Revolution. It throws light, therefore, on that policy; it helps to an under standing of it, if one wishes to understand. But that isn't all. The spirit that flames and casts shadows upon these pages is not only Trotzky's. It is the spirit also of the Bolsheviki ; of the red left of the left wing of the revolutionary move ment of New Russia.
Introduction by Lincoln Steffens
Author's Preface
The Balkan Question
The War against Czarism
The War against the West
The War of Defense
What Have Socialists to do with Capitalist Wars?
The Collapse of the International
Socialist Opportunism
The Decline of the Revolutionary Spirit
Working Class Imperialism
The Revolutionary Epoch
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