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Aitken Donald W. Transitioning to a Renewable Energy Future

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Aitken Donald W. Transitioning to a Renewable Energy Future
ISES International Solar Energy Society, 2003. — 56 p.
Executive Summary
Summary of Policy Options and Implementation Measures
Preface: Solar Energy from Then to Now and Beyond
Framework, Scope and Limitations of this White Paper
Definitions, terminology, and conversion factors
Introduction –
A Global Energy Transition, Steering the Correct Course
New Elements Driving Public Policy toward a Renewable Energy Transition
Environmental warnings
Avoiding risks
Opportunities for governments
The Renewable Energy Resources: Characteristics,
Status of Development, and Potential
Geothermal energy
Wind power and intermittent renewable energy resources
Energy and power from the wind
Achieving high penetrations of energy from wind and other intermittent renewable energy sources
A few notes about the hydrogen transition
Direct use of the sun’s energy
Passive solar heating and daylighting of buildings
Solar water and space heating
Solar thermal electric energy generation
Solar photovoltaic electric energy production
National and Local Factors Supporting the Development and
Application of Renewable Energy Technologies
Meeting international greenhouse gas reduction commitments
Enhancing the productivity of energy expenditures, and the creation of new jobs
Policies to Accelerate the Application of Renewable Energy
City policies can lead the way
The Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Los Angeles and San Francisco
National policies to promote new renewable energy developments
Renewable electricity standards
Developing a balanced renewable energy portfolio
One especially successful policy instrument:
“feed-in” tariffs
The developing nations
Market-based Incentives
Requirements for introducing fair market incentives for renewable energy
Redressing inequities in market subsidies for the energy sources
Developing a consistent method for estimating energy costs
The Role of R&D in Supporting the Renewable Energy Transition
Two Comprehensive National Clean Energy Policy Models
The United States: Leadership from the states, and a clean energy blueprint for an alternative future
Present (2003) status of renewable energy policies in the U.S.
A powerful clean energy blueprint for the U.S.
Germany: A significant long range renewable energy policy
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