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Baran Robert.,‎ Hadj-Rabia Smail.,‎ Silverman Robert (eds.) Pediatric Nail Disorders

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Baran Robert., Hadj-Rabia Smail., Silverman Robert (eds.) Pediatric Nail Disorders
CRC Press, 2017. — 324 p.— (Pediatric Diagnosis and Management)
This is a highly illustrated guide to the diagnosis and management of nail conditions in children. With new material on genetics and on developments such as dermoscopy, it will be invaluable as a reliable clinical reference for both dermatologists and pediatricians, as well as those in family practice.
Embryology and Inherited Disorders
Nail Anatomy
Nail Contour Variations
Nail Surface, Direction, Thickness, and Consistency Variations
Nail and Periungual Color Variations
Nail and Periungual Tissue Abnormalities
Onychomycosis in Children
Nails in Primary Skin Disease
Nail Hamartomas
Vascular Anomalies of Nail and Finger Extremities
Systemic Diseases
Nail Alterations in Cutaneous Porphyrias
Dermoscopy in Pediatric Longitudinal Nail Pigmentation
Nail Tumors in Children
The Painful Nail
Pediatric Ingrown Toenails
Noninvasive Treatment for Ingrown Nails: Anchor Taping, Acrylic Affixed Gutter Splint, Sculptured Nail, and Others
Biopsy of Pediatric Nails
Ultrasound of Pediatric Nails
Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Pediatric Nails
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