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Buede D.M. The Engineering Design of Systems. Models and Methods

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Buede D.M. The Engineering Design of Systems. Models and Methods
Wiley, 2016. — 584 p.
A system is commonly defined to be “a collection of hardware, software, people, facilities, and procedures organized to accomplish some common objectives.” A major characteristic of the engineering of systems is the attention devoted to the entire life cycle of the system.
This book is divided into three major parts: (1) Introduction, Overview and Basic Knowledge, (2) Design and Integration Topics, (3) Supplemental Topics. The first part provides an introduction to the issues associated with the engineering of a system. The second part covers the critical material required to understand the major elements needed in the engineering design of any system: requirements, architectures (functional, physical, and allocated), interfaces, and qualification. The final part reviews methods for data, process, and behavior modeling, decision analysis, system science and analytics, and the value of systems engineering. Chapter 1 has been rewritten to integrate the new chapters and updates were made throughout the original chapters.
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