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Valiente G. Algorithms on Trees and Graphs

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Valiente G. Algorithms on Trees and Graphs
Springer, 2002. — 491 p. — ISBN 9783642078095.
Graph algorithms is a well-established subject in mathematics and computer science. Beyond classical application fields, such as approximation, combinatorial optimization, graphics, and operations research, graph algorithms have recently attracted increased attention from computational molecular biology and computational chemistry. Centered around the fundamental issue of graph isomorphism, this text goes beyond classical graph problems of shortest paths, spanning trees, flows in networks, and matchings in bipartite graphs. Advanced algorithmic results and techniques of practical relevance are presented in a coherent and consolidated way.
This book introduces graph algorithms on an intuitive basis followed by a detailed exposition in a literate programming style, with correctness proofs as well as worst-case analyses. Furthermore, full C++ implementations of all algorithms presented are given using the LEDA library of efficient data structures and algorithms.
Algorithmic Techniques
Algorithms on Trees
Tree Traversal
Tree Isomorphism
Algorithms on Graphs
Graph Traversal
Clique, Independent Set, and Vertex Cover
Graph Isomorphism
An Overview of LEDA
Interactive Demonstration of Graph Algorithms
Program Modules
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