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Hoyle David. Quality managment essentails

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Hoyle David. Quality managment essentails
Elsevier Limited, 2007. — 223 p. — ISBN 0-75-066786-9.
This book attempts to take the reader on several journeys in order to explain the concepts, principles and thinking behind the tenets of quality management and the practical methodologies that have emerged to implement them. We weave a path that embraces both little q and big Q and take a detour or two to address misconceptions and alternative theories but maintain a focus on big Q.
Throughout the book there is an armoury of questions, tools and techniques to enable students, practitioners and managers to build a case for change and convince top management of a need for change.
Chapters 1–3 provide an appreciation of the basic concepts that constitute the body of knowledge of quality management. Starting with stakeholders and their needs putting quality in context we then examine the meaning, relationships and dimensions of quality. We go on to examine how quality is managed, presenting the two opposing theories of managing success and managing failure and introduce the principles that underpin the management of quality.
Aspects and fundamental principles of quality control, assurance and improvement are examined next including a study of variation and six sigma. Chapter 3 comprises an examination of quality management systems, the philosophy on which they are based, including misconceptions and a look at the current fad, integrated management systems, the myths and alternative theories. Chapters 4 and 6 put forward two very different approaches to managing quality. The first in Chapter 4 shows how ISO 9000 can be used, firstly explaining its origins and putting it in context and then outlining the requirements in a way that shows how they work together to define a management system capable of producing outputs that satisfy customer requirements.
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