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Eberhard Arnold. The Early Christians

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Eberhard Arnold. The Early Christians
Copyright 2007 by Plough Publishing House.
Pages -
293. PDF.
What did Christianity look like before it became an institution? In these firsthand accounts of the early church, the spirit of Pentecost burns with prophetic force through the fog that envelops the modern church. A clear and vibrant faith lives on in these writings, providing a guide for Christians today. Its stark simplicity and revolutionary fervor will stun those lulled by conventional Christianity.
The Early Christians is a topically arranged collection of primary sources. It includes extra-biblical sayings of Jesus and excerpts from Origen, Tertullian, Polycarp, Clement of Alexandria, Justin, Irenaeus, and others. Equally revealing material from pagan contemporaries — critics, detractors and persecutors — is included as well.
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