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Chaudhary A. Robust Hand Gesture Recognition for Robotic Hand Control

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Chaudhary A. Robust Hand Gesture Recognition for Robotic Hand Control
Springer, 2018. — 108 p.
In the past few decades, hand gesture recognition has been considered to be an easy and natural technique for human–machine interaction. Many applications have been developed and enhanced based on hand gesture recognition. These applications range from mobile phones to advanced robotics and from gaming to medical science. In most of the existing commercial and research applications, recognition of hand gestures has been performed by employing sensor-based wired embedded gloves or by using vision-based techniques where colors, chemicals, or paperclips are used on the hand. However, it is desirable to have hand gesture recognition techniques that are applicable to a natural and bare hand, which is normally used for depicting gestures in verbal communication. Another important issue involved in vision-based techniques is their variance to light conditions. As the light conditions change, the threshold used for the segmentation also has to be changed. Bare hand gesture-based applications where no external device or color is used, do not work for different light intensities. In the case of human skin, different user’s skin color appears different in the same light intensity while same user’s skin color varies in different light conditions.
The prime aim of this book is to enhance the current state of the art of bare hand gesture recognition and present a model for controlling an electromechanical robotic hand. The focus is on the development of intelligent techniques applicable to the spatial domain for processing where the user has no limitation on hand direction and will not use any extra material. The light and direction invariant methods for hand gesture recognition were investigated, which provide natural comfort to the user. Also, the controlling of robotic hand using natural hand gives a feeling of virtual hand to the user and it is much better way than entering the values of finger bending angles. Such a robotic hand has real-life applications in commercial, military, or emergency operations, where human life cannot be risked.
Scientific Goals
State of the Art
Hand Image Segmentation
Light Invariant Hand Gesture Recognition
Fingertips Detection
Bent Fingers’ Angles Calculation
Both Hands’ Angles Calculation
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