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Vaughan Pamela. Internet Marketing. Step-by-step guide

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Vaughan Pamela. Internet Marketing. Step-by-step guide
Hubspot, 2014. — 32 p.
If you’re reading this guide, chances are you’re either a marketing professional or a business owner who understands the importance of internet
marketing today.
You ‘get’ that traditional marketing methods are becoming both ineffective and expensive, and you know that by neglecting to market your business
online, you’re missing out on the powerful business results that an effective internet marketing strategy can bring about.
Whether your business is just getting started with internet marketing or you want to brush up on the basics, this guide will help you set up and implement a successful internet marketing strategy, step by step.
Optimize Your Website.
Create Content.
Get Social.
Convert Visitors into Leads.
Nurture Leads into Customers.
Analyze and Refine.
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