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Alabes Tomas, Tarkus Konstantin. Isomorphic javascript Web Development (code)

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Alabes Tomas, Tarkus Konstantin. Isomorphic javascript Web Development (code)
Packt Publishing, 2017. — 226 p.
Leverage the power of React and Node to build complete web applications in pure javascript
The latest trend in web development, Isomorphic javascript, allows developers to overcome some of the shortcomings of single-page applications by running the same code on the server as well as on the client. Leading this trend is React, which, when coupled with Node, allows developers to build javascript apps that are much faster and more SEO-friendly than single-page applications.
This book begins by showing you how to develop frontend components in React. It will then show you how to bind these components to back-end web services that leverage the power of Node. You'll see how web services can be used with React code to offload and maintain the application logic. By the end of this book, you will be able to save a significant amount of development time by learning to combine React and Node to code fast, scalable apps in pure javascript.
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