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Aarenstrup Roger. Managing Model-Based Design

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The MathWorks Inc., 2015 — 87 p.
Over the past ten years, engineering organizations seeking to manage product complexity while staying innovative and competitive have increasingly turned to Model-Based Design. In Managing Model-Based Design, Roger Aarenstrup draws on years of experience helping engineering teams and organizations adopt Model-Based Design. Using practical case studies from the automotive, aerospace, and communications industries, he explains how Model-Based Design works. He shows how, by moving design tasks from the lab and field to the desktop, Model-Based Design is transforming the way engineers and scientists work and dramatically improving their design and development efficiency. This book provides arguments and background information that engineers can use to demonstrate the value of Model-Based Design to key decision-makers in their organization. It also serves as a guide for managers, showing how they can use Model-Based Design to help their teams adapt to change, manage complexity, and foster innovation.
Managing Change, Complexity, and Innovation.
Inside Model-Based Design.
Improving the Efficiency of Your Organization with Model-Based Design.
Implementing Lean Developmen principles with Model-Based Design.
Improving Development Methodologies with Model-Based Design.
Creating and Managing Knowledge.
Enhancing Work Performance with Model-Based Design.
Managing the Shift to Model-Based Design.
Measuring the Value of Model-Based Design.
The Eight Core Concepts of Model-Based Design.
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