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Gross J. ,Yellen J. Graph Theory and its applications

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Gross J. ,Yellen J. Graph Theory and its applications
CRC Press, 2005. — 800 p. — (Discrete Mathematics and its Applications). — ISBN 9781584885054; ISBN 978-1-4200-5714-0.
Already an international bestseller, with the release of this greatly enhanced second edition, Graph Theory and Its Applications is now an even better choice as a textbook for a variety of courses -- a textbook that will continue to serve your students as a reference for years to come.
The superior explanations, broad coverage, and abundance of illustrations and exercises that positioned this as the premier graph theory text remain, but are now augmented by a broad range of improvements. Nearly 200 pages have been added for this edition, including nine new sections and hundreds of new exercises, mostly non-routine.
Introduction to graph models.
Structure and representation.
Spanning trees.
Optimal graph traversals.
Planarity and kuratowski'S Theorem.
Drawing graphs and maps.
Graph colorings.
Measurement and mappings.
Analytic graph theory.
Special digraph models.
Network flows and applications.
Graphical enumeration.
Algebraic specification of graphs.
Non-planar layouts.
Solutions and hints.
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