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Hackshaw Allan. How to Write a Grant Application

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Hackshaw Allan. How to Write a Grant Application
Wiley-Blackwell, 2010. — 144 p. — ISBN 978-1-4051-9755-7.
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This concise guide covers the important angles of your grant application, whether for a health research project or personal training programme, and will help you be among the successful applicants.
The author, a reviewer for grant funding organisations and internationally respected research scientist, gives you the benefit of his experience from both sides of the process in this easy-to-use, readable guide. The book takes you through the grant application process, explaining how to:
Present the justification for the proposed project
Describe the study design clearly
Estimate the financial costs
Understand a typical review process, and how this can influence the contents of the grant application
The author provides practical advice on a range of project types (observational studies, clinical trials, laboratory experiments, and systematic reviews) to increase the chance that your application will be successful. There are also tips on what to avoid throughout the application.
With generic information about application requirements, How to Write a Grant Application is ideal for healthcare professionals seeking a health services or scientific grant.
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