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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1938 Vol. 58

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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1938 Vol. 58
New Haven: The American Oriental Society. — pp. 723
An Old Gujarātī Text of the Kalaka Story
Supplementary Sigillata Signatures in the near East
Northwestern Australia and the Question of Influences from the East Indies
"Luke" and Paul
The Relations between the Hebrew Text of Ezekiel and That of the John H. Scheide Papyri
Expression of the Causative in Ugaritic
The Restoration of Order by Darius
Lapses of Old Testament Translators
The Origin of the Early Dynastic Style: (Studies in Oriental Archaeology II)
Another Case of the Predicative Use of the Genitive in Sumerian
Coptic Ostracon Merton 1
The Name Ashur in the Initials of a Difficult Phrase in the Bible
The Use of the Word An 安
A Study of the Uses of Letter "Yōd" by David Ben Abraham Al-Fāsī
Notes on Hurrian Phonology
Concepts of Right and Left in African Cultures
Abraham Valentine Williams Jackson
The Doctrine of the Bolos in Manichaean Eschatology
The Personality of Mānī, the Founder of Manichaeism
Bibliography of A. V. Williams Jackson
Samanid Stucco Decoration from Nishapur
Rome and (?) Antioch in the Mahābhārata (pp. 262-265)
Yasna LVII: An Essay in Text-Reconstruction
Old Persian Jottings
Three Turfan Pahlavi Etymologies: Ḥpšyrd, 'Škrwst, Mnwḥmyd
The Hittite and Luwian Ritual of Zarpiya of Kezzuwatna
Late Mughul Illustrations to the Iqbāl-Nāmah'i Jahāngīrī
Arabic Magic Bowls II: An Astrological Bowl
The Words San I Fên Shên in the Inscription on the Nestorian Monument at Hsi-An Fu
Notes on the Aramaic Contract Published by Bauer and Meissner
Adolf Erman, 1854-1937
A Vedic Hymn to the Sun-God Sūrya: (Translation and Exegesis of Rig-Veda 1. 115)
The Victory of Han Confucianism
Notes on Pre-Ḫurrian Texts from Nuzi
Nuzi Names
An Echo-Word Motif in Dravidian Folk-Tales
The Kashmirian Atharva Veda, Book Eighteen Edited with Critical Notes
The Kitāb Aimān al-'Arab wa-Ṭalāqiha fi'l-Jāhilīya of an-Najīramī
Some Notes on the Family of Mereruka
Early Prohibitions of Tobacco in China and Manchuria
Arab Geographers on Korea
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