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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1937 Vol. 57

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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1937 Vol. 57
New Haven: The American Oriental Society. — pp. 451
Bead Making in Ancient Sind
The Aorist in Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit
The Root Forms sì (m) and su11 (m), "To Give," in Sumerian
Hebrew "Helmet," a Loanword, and Its Bearing on Indo-European Phonology
The Japanese Shōen (莊 園), or Manor: Some Useful Terminology
Studies in Oriental Archaeology: I. Plano-Convex Bricks
Three Rare Manuscripts from the John Frederick Lewis Collection
Sanskrit parśu and paraśu
Analogical Creation and Contamination as Illustrated by Lapses
A Conditioned Sound Change in Ras Shamra
The Rôle of Cyrus in Deutero-Isaiah
The Attitude of Han Kao-Tsu to Confucianism
Su = Šiqlu
The Complaint of Laban's Daughters
Toda Garments and Embroidery
Prohibition of Import of Certain Chinese Books and the Policy of the Edo Government
Dravidian Notes
The City Aktab
Wên Ta-Ya: The First Recorder of T'ang History
Some Determining Factors in the Northward Progress of Levi
The Lemon in Asia and Europe
A New Phoenician Grammar
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