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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1936 Vol. 56

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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1936 Vol. 56
New Haven: The American Oriental Society. — pp. 557
A Muslim Iconoclast (Ibn Taymīyyeh) on the "Merits" of Jerusalem and Palestine
Studies in Semitic Formatives
The Lemon in India
Model Emperors of the Golden Age in Chinese Lore
Notes on E. H. Palmer's "The Qur'ân"
James Henry Breasted 1865-1935
How Well Can We Know the Ancient near East?
Types of Rubrics in the Egyptian Book of the Dead
The Origin of the Thought-Pattern Which Survives in Baptism
Four Egyptian Inscribed Statuettes of the Middle Kingdom
Note on Some Old Squeezes from Egyptian Monuments
Two Notes on the Flying Gallop
The Egyptian Origin of Some English Personal Names
Traces of Biblical Influence in the Turfan Pahlavi Fragment M. 173
The Present Status of Old Persian Studies
Ras Shamra Notes V: A Myth of a Spring
Three Decrees of Ramses III from Karnak
Intertestamental Studies
The Elkan Adler Papyrus No. 31
Hebrew 'argáz, a Philistine Word
Two Hittite Words
An Arabic Papyrus Dated 205 A. H.
Illuminating the Thrones at the Egyptian Jubilee
The T-Form of the Old Babylonian Verb
Bronze Inscriptions of the Western Chou Dynasty as Historical Documents
Herrscher und Münzen der späten Kushānas
Ras Shamra Notes VI: The Danel Text
Turkic Material in Hungarian
Notes on the History of the Uigurs in the Late Middle Ages
The Theophany of the God of Sinai
Richard James Horatio Gottheil 1862-1936
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