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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1935 Volume 55

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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1935 Volume 55
New Haven: The American Oriental Society. — pp. 486
The Black Magic in China Known as ku
The Second Liturgical Poem from Ras Shamra: A Liturgy for the Festival of the God Alein
Corrections to Vol. 52, Pages 221-231: A North Syrian Poem on the Conquest of Death
A Story of Vikrama's Birth and Accession
Ras Shamra Notes III
A Hurrian Affricate or Sibilant in Ras Shamra
Linguistic Science and the Orientalist
Political Theology in Early Islam: Ḥasan Al-Baṣrī's Treatise on Qadar
Is the Boomerang Oriental?
The Early Significance of Chinese Mirrors
The Conditional Sale into Slavery of Free-Born Daughters in Nuzi and the Law of Ex. 21: 7-11
Arabic Magic Medicinal Bowls
On the Origin of Certain Coptic Verbal Forms
Ras Shamra Notes IV: The Conflict of Baal and the Waters
A Purchase Contract from the Time of Samsu-Iluna
Problems of Rivers and Canals under Han Wu Ti (140-87 B. C.)
Some Notes on the Corpus Inscriptionum Chaldicarum
Angel and Titan: An Essay in Vedic Ontology
The Horses of T'ang T'ai Tsung and the Stele of Yu
New Nuzi Texts and a New Method of Copying Cuneiform Tablets
Notes to Recently Published Nuzi Texts
The Magic Holly in Japanese Literature
The Garrett Sahidic Manuscript of St. Luke
Ignazio Guidi-Selected Bibliography
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