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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1932 Volume 52

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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1932 Volume 52
New Haven: The American Oriental Society. — 430 p.
The Development of the Stops in Hittite
Viṣṇudharmottara, Chapter XLI
I 彝 as Equivalent to Tao 道
Notes on the History of the Wei Shu
On the Structure of Munda Words
Max Leopold Margolis October 15, 1866-April 2, 1932
The Life and Work of Max Leopold Margolis
New Tablets from Fara
Dravidian and Nubian
Rain, Dew, Snow, and Cloud in Arab Proverb
Transliteration of the Names of Chinese Buddhist Monks
The Rite of dantadhāvana in Smṛti Literature
Iḥdaidun wal-Ṛūle Folk-lore Story from Bethlehem
The Relation of Certain Gods to Equity and Justice in Early Babylonia
Pehlevi Seal Inscriptions from Yale Collections
Reactions to Art in India
A North Syrian Poem on the Conquest of Death
The Chronology of Ancient China
Edward Washburn Hopkins, 1857-1932
The Oath in Hindu Epic Literature by E. W. Hopkins
Notes on Two Lama Paintings
New Kirkuk Documents Relating to Security Transactions
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