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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1924 Vol. 44

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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1924 Vol. 44
New Haven: The American Oriental Society. — 384 p.
The Story of the Thief Rāuhiṇeya in the Mahāvīracaritra of Hemacandra
Some Features of the Siamese Speech and Writing
A New Census of the Moslem World
Phonetic Law and Imitation
TAK-KU a Female Deity
Contributions to the Knowledge of Manichaeism
Māgadhī and Ardhamāgadhī
The Nabopolassar Chronicle
A Note on the Marsh Arabs of Lower Iraq
The Forthcoming Tamil Lexicon
East and West
The So-Called Fertile Crescent and Desert Bay
On False Ascetics and Nuns in Hindu Fiction
Priestly Penance and Legal Penalty by E. W. Hopkins
The Kashmirian Atharva Veda, Book Eleven Edited with Critical Notes
The History of the Canon of the Chinese Classics
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