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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1919 Volume 39

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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1919 Volume 39
New Haven: The American Oriental Society. — 352 p.
The Pañcatantra in Modern Indian Folklore
A Possible Restoration from a Middle Persian Source of the Answer of Jesus to Pilate's Inquiry 'What is Truth?'
Some Cruces in the Langdon Epic
Origin of Mas̆ or Bar and the Development of Its Meanings
Proselyting the asuras (A Note on Rig Veda 10. 124)
Prāṇa and Apāna
Two Popular Religious Poems in the Azerbaijani Dialect
Pre-Aryan Origins of the Persian Perfect
The Ḏd-Emblem of Osiris
Notes on Indo-Iranian WordsŚvetadvīpa
Śākadvīpa and Śvetadvīpa
The Home of the Semites
The Vedic Posterius -Pitvam, Cover (Night) by E. W. Fay
Phonetic Relations in Sumerian
The Mind as Wish-Car in the Veda by Maurice Bloomfield
A Short Physiognomic Treatise in the Syriac Language
A Demotic Folk-Tale the Basis of Goethe's 'Der Zauberlehrling'
Portrait Painting as a Dramatic Device in Sanskrit Plays
Blood Revenge and Burial Rites in Ancient Israel
The Curse in the 'Paradise Epic'
Cattle-Tending and Agriculture in the Avesta
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