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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1915 Vol. 35

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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1915 Vol. 35
New Haven: The American Oriental Society. — pp. 408
Notes on the Phonology of the Palau Language
The Vedic Dual: Part II, the Dual in Similes
Some Aspects of the Overland Oriental Trade at the Christian Era
The Kashmirian Atharva Veda, Book Four
The Life of St. Simeon Stylites: A Translation of the Syriac Text in Bedjan's Acta Martyrum et Sanctorum, Vol. IV
The Tone-Accents of Two Chinese Dialects
The Propagation of the Date Palm: Materials for a Lexicographical Study in Arabic
Tammuz and Osiris
The Eastern Iron Trade of the Roman Empire
Studies in the Veda
Relations of Shah Abbas the Great, of Persia, with the Mogul Emperors, Akbar and Jahangir
Lexicographical and Grammatical Notes on the Svapnavāsavadatta of Bhāsa
On the Etymology and Meaning of the Sanskrit Root Varj by Maurice Bloomfield
Grammatical Notes on the Isinai Language (Philippines)
Contributions to the History of Greek Philosophy in the Orient, Syriac Texts, IV: A Syriac Version of the λόγος κεφαλαιώδης περὶ ψυχη̑ς πρὸς Τατιανόν of Gregory Thaumaturgus
Note by the Editor
Studies in the Old Persian Inscriptions
The Zakar and Kalamu Inscriptions
An Aramaic Inscription from Cilicia, in the Museum of Yale University
Studies in Semitic Grammar
The Home of Balaam
The Conclusion of Esarhaddon's Broken Prism
Some Unexplained Cuneiform Words
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