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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1913 Vol. 33

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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1913 Vol. 33
New Haven: The American Oriental Society. — pp. xxvii, 404
Recent Researches in the Sumerian Calendar
A Political Hymn to Shamash
Some Notes on the So-Called Hieroglyphic-Tablet
Three Babylonian Tablets, Prince Collection, Columbia University
The Oath in Cuneiform Inscriptions
On Māyāvāda
Sanskrit Kabăiras or Kubăiras and Greek Kabeiros by E. W. Hopkins
Vedic, Sanskrit, and Middle Indic
Notes on the Phonology of the Tirurai Language
Pañcadivyādhivāsa or Choosing a King by Divine Will
Tablets from Dréhem in the Public Library of Cleveland, Ohio
Wine in the Pentateuchal Codes
The Mystery of Fu-lin
Tamil Political Divisions in the First Two Centuries of the Christian Era
Classical Parallels to a Sanskrit Proverb
Additions to Field from the Lyons Codex of the Old Latin
The Chronology of Certain Indo-Iranian Sound-Changes
The Peshiṭta Text of Gen. 32, 25
The Cāntikalpa of the Atharvaveda
Zum magischen Texte (Journal of the American Oriental Society 1912, p. 434 Seq.)
Iranian Miscellanies
The Names of Two Kings of Adab
Kugler's Criterion for Determining the Order of the Months in the Earliest Babylonian Calendar
Two Forged Antiques
Mohammedanism in Borneo: Notes for a Study of the Local Modifications of Islam and the Extent of Its Influence on the Native Tribes
A Tammuz Fragment
The Name of the Erythraean Sea
The Cock
Dialectic Differences between Assyrian and Babylonian, and Some Problems They Present
The Animal DUN in the Sumerian Inscriptions
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