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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1901 Vol. 22 part 1

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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1901 Vol. 22 part 1
New Haven: The American Oriental Society. — pp. iv, 200
Memorial of Edward Elbridge Salisbury
The Beginning of the Babylonian Nimrod Epic
The Names of the Hebrew Vowels
The Marburg Collection of Cypriote Antiquities
The Fall of Nineveh
Note on two Assyrian Words Hitherto Unexplained
The Polychrome Lion Recently Found in Babylon
The Meaning and Etymology of the Word היָשות in the Old Testament
The Internal Passive in Semitic
The Word הדז in the Siloam Inscription
The Two Unidentified Geographical Names in the Moabite Stone
The Old Testament Expression zanáh ahrê
Gideon's Water-Lappers
An Early Egyptian Cylinder
A Rare Royal Cartouche
The Modern Chaldeans and Nestorians, and the Study of Syriac among Them
The Arabic dialect of Baghdâd
On the Pantheon of Tyre
Some Notes on the Blau Monuments
Notes on an Archaic Inscription Published by Father Scheil
Notes on the Japanese Lyric Drama
Babylonian and Pre-Babylonian Cosmology
Contributions to Avestan Syntax, the Subordinate Clause
Notes on Recent Theories of the Origin of the Alphabet
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