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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1866 Volume 8

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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1866 Volume 8
New Haven: for the American Oriental Society. — ii, 398, lxxxvi p.
On the Views of Biot and Weber Respecting the Relations of the Hindu and Chinese Systems of Asterisms
On the Tesavuf, or Spiritual Life of the Soffees
Materials for the History of the Muhammadan Doctrine of Predestination and Free Will
The Revelation of the Blessed Apostle Paul
Brief Notice of the Kemī Language
Notice of كتاب الباكورة السليمانية فى كشف اسرار الديانة النصرية تأليف سليمان افندى الاذنى. The Book of Sulaimân's First Ripe Fruit, Disclosing the Mysteries of the Nusairian Religion
On the Origin of the Lunar Division of the Zodiac represented in the Nakshatra System of the Hindus
On Lepsius's Standard Alphabet: A Letter of Explanations from Prof. Lepsius
On the Armeno-Turkish Alphabet
Brahmanical Inscriptions in Buddhistic Temples in Siam
On the Assyro-Pseudo-Sesostris
Reply to the Strictures of Prof. Weber upon an Essay Respecting the Asterismal System of the Hindus, Arabs, and Chinese
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