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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1854 Vol. 4

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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1854 Vol. 4
NY: George P. Putnam. — pp. xxvi, 480 p.
Tattuva-Kaṭṭaḷei, Law of the Tattuvam. A Synopsis of the Mystical Philosophy of the Hindûs
Siva-Gnâna-Pōtham, Instruction in the Knowledge of God. A Metaphysical and Theological Treatise
Mulamuli, or the Buddhist Genesis of Eastern India
Orthography of Armenian and Turkish Proper Names
On the Malalengara
Siva-Pirakâsam, Light of Sivan. A Metaphysical and Theological Treatise
On the History of the Vedic Texts
The State and Prospects of the English Language in India
The Talaing Language
On the Karens
Comparative Vocabulary of the Sgau and Pwo Karen Dialects
Chinese Local Dialects Reduced to Writing: An Outline of the System Adopted for Romanizing the Dialect of Amoy
Treaty between the United States of America and the Sultân of Masḳaṭ: The Arabic Text
Notice of a Life of Alexander the Great
Translation of the Fermân Granted by Sultân 'Abd-Ul-Mejeed to His Protestant Subjects
The So-Called Nestorian Monument of Singan-Fu
Some Characteristics of the Shemitic and Japhetic Families of Languages, Applied to the Classification of the Languages of Southern Africa
Letter from Rev. Dr. J. L. Krapf
Grammar and Dictionary of the Zulu Language
The Law of Storms in Chinese
Letter from H. Lobdell, M. D., Missionary at Mosûl, Respecting Some Recent Discoveries at Koyunjik
Additions to the Library and Cabinet of the American Oriental Society, Feb., 1853-July, 1854
Select Minutes of Meetings of the Society
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