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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1853 Volume 3

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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1853 Volume 3
NY: George P. Putnam. — pp. xl, 503 p.
Life of Gaudama, a translation from the Burmese book entitled Ma-la-len-ga-ra Wottoo,
Translation of an Unpublished Arabic Risaleh
Remarks on the Mode of Applying the Electric Telegraph in Connection with the Chinese Language
Translation of the Firman of his Imperial Majesty Abd-el-Mejid, granted in favor of hit Protestant subjects,
Dr. Vassallo on Maltese Antiquities
The Jews at Khaifung-fu in China
Catalogue of All Works Known to Exist in the Armenian Language, of a Date Earlier than the Seventeenth Century
On the Main Results of the Later Vedic Researches in Germany
On the Morality of the Veda
Notes on Ruins in the Buka'a and in the Belad Ba'albek
On the Relations of the Maratha to the Sanskrit
Brief Notes on the Tamil Language
On the Genuineness of the So-Called Nestorian Monument of Singan-Fu
An Essay on the Phonology and Orthography of the Zulu and Kindred Dialects in Southern Africa
Ebed-Jesu's Makamat
Syrian Society of Arts and Sciences
Colonel Rawlinson's Outlines of Assyrian History, Derived from His Latest Readings of Cuneiform Inscriptions
Late Discoveries in Persia and Mesopotamia
Barth and Overweg Expedition to Central Africa
United States Expedition to Japan
United States Expedition to the Pacific
Official Report of the United States Expedition to the Dead Sea
Text of the Atharva-Veda
Melek Taus of the Yezidis
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