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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1851 Volume 2

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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1851 Volume 2
NY: George P. Putnam. — xlii, 342 p.
Proceedings of the American Oriental Society, Prepared from the Records, 1849-1850,
Shabbathai Levi and His Followers,
Account of a Japanese Romance,
Note on Japanese Syllabaries,
Contribution to the Geography of Central Koordistan,
Journal of a Tour from Oroomiah to Mosul, through the Koordish Mountains, and a Visit to the Ruins of Nineveh ,
Note on the Koordish Language,
Characteristics of the Peshito Syriac Version of the New Testament,
Syllabus of the Siva-Guana-Potham, one of the Sacred Books of the Hindoos,
Specimens of the Naya Language of Asam,
Chinese Culture : or Remarks on the Causes of the peculiarities of the Chinese,
Et-Taleary’s Conquest of Persia by the Arabs, continued from volume first,
Notes of a Tour in Mount Lebanon, and to the Eastern side of Lake Huleh, in a letter to a Relation.
The Forms of the Greek Substantive Verb.
Translation of two unpublished Arabic Documents, relating to the Doctrines of the Islamites, and other Batmian Sects,
Maltese Antiquities.
Hints on the Introduction of Buddhism into Burmah,
Plan for effecting a uniform Orthography of African Languages.
Valuable Arabic Manuscripts belonging to the American Antiquarian Society,
Native Printing in India.
Latest Sanskrit Publications in India.
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