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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1849 Vol. 1

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Journal of the American Oriental Society 1849 Vol. 1
Boston: Published by the Society. — lxxiii, 581 p.
No.1 (1843), No.2 (1844), No.3 (1847), No.4 (1849)
Extract from the Report of a Committee of the American Oriental Society
An Act to Incorporate the American Oriental Society
Constitution of the American Oriental Society
Extract from the Records
Donations to the Library
Address at the First Annual Meeting
Statements respecting the operations of American missionary societies and their missionaries, in the East and other quarters of the globe
List of American voyages, travels and other works, relating to the East and Polynesia
Extracts from the Journal Asiatique
Memoir on the History of Buddhism
The History of Paper Money in China
China: Its Population: Trade: and The Prospect of a Treaty
Peter S. Du Ponceau, LL. D.
A Treatise on Arab Music, Chiefly from a Work by Mikhail Meshakah, of Damascus
Notes on Arakan: By the Late Rev. G. S. Comstock, American Baptist Missionary in That Country from 1834 to 1844
Three Chapters of Genesis Translated into the Sooahelee Language
M. Burnouf on the History of Buddhism in India
Professor Lassen's Antiquities of India
Miscellaneous Notices Relative to the Recent Progress of Oriental Researches
Comparative Vocabularies of Some of the Principal Negro Dialects of Africa
The Zulu Language
The Zulu and Other Dialects of Southern Africa
Et-Tabary's Conquest of Persia by the Arabs
Translation of an Imperial Berat Issued by Sultan Selim III. A. H. 1215 Appointing the Monk Hohannes Patriarch of All the Armernians of Turkey
On the Identification of the Signs of the Persian Cuneiform Alphabet
On the Present Condition of the Medical Profession in Syria
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