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Li W.-K., Zhou G.-D., Mak T.C.W. Advanced Structural Inorganic Chemistry

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Li W.-K., Zhou G.-D., Mak T.C.W. Advanced Structural Inorganic Chemistry
Oxford University Press, 2008. — XX, 819 p. — ISBN 978–0–19–921694–9
This text is an updated English version of a class-tested textbook originally published in Chinese in 2006. Its contents are based on the lecture notes of several courses taught by the authors at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Peking University. These courses include Chemical Bonding, Structure and Properties of Matter, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry, Group Theory, and Chemical Crystallography. This book consists of three parts. Part I reviews the basic theories of chemical bonding, with chapters on elementary quantum theory, atomic structure, bonding in molecules, bonding in solids, and computational chemistry. Part II introduces point groups and space groups, and their applications to the study of discrete molecules and crystals. A large number of worked examples are provided in order to illustrate the usefulness and elegance of the symmetry concept. Part III constitutes about half of the book and it gives a succinct description of the structural chemistry of the elements in the Periodic Table. The main-group elements are covered in seven chapters and three other chapters deal with the rare-earth elements, transition-metal clusters and supramolecular systems. The selected systems, many of them from recent literature, are used to elucidate various aspects of structure and bonding presented in Parts I and II, and to expound the current research trends in structural inorganic chemistry.
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