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Giacovazzo C. (Ed.) Fundamentals of Crystallography

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Giacovazzo C. (Ed.) Fundamentals of Crystallography
Oxford University Press, UK, 2000. — 669 p. — (IUCr Texts on Crystallography 02) — ISBN 0198555784.
Crystallography, the science concerned with the study of crystals, is a very old subject. However, only in this century has it developed into a modern science, after the discovery of X-rays and their diffraction by crystals. In recent years crystallography as assumed an increasingly important role in the modern sciences because fo its interdisciplinary nature, which has acted as a bridge between, and often as a stimulus for, various rapidly evolving disciplines. Indeed, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences, Biology, Mathematics, and Materials Science have all provided stimuli to the development of new crystallographic interests and techniques. In turn, crystallography has significantly contributed to the advancement of these sciences. Thus, while on the one hand crystallography has been enriched, on the other hand writing a textbook describing all of its aspects has been made more difficult.
Recently, the demand for a compact book that gives a comprehensive account of the modern crystallographic subjects has increased. This volume should therefore be a useful and handy textbook for university courses that cover crystallography, fully or only partially. It should also be useful at themore advanced level required for doctorate studies as well as for experienced researchers.
-Symmetry in crystals
-Crystallographic computing
-The diffraction of X-rays by crystals
-Experimental methods in X-ray crystallography
-Solution and refinement of crystal structures
-Ionic crystals
-Molecules and molecular crystals
-Protein crystallography
-Physical properties of crystals
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