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Learn French with Strokes Easy Learning

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Strokes Learning, 2014.
Source Language: English, Italian and French, Target Language: French.
Works on: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
From the beginner to advanced levels and foreign language fluency. Easy learning German is a course for Beginners, Intermediate and
Advanced usiness covering the EU-Standards A1 to C1.
Language Course with 300 Lessons:
Spoken dialogue interaction with the computer
Learn words by speaking or writing them
Pronunciation training with voice recognition
Intuitive grammar training
Vocabulary Memory Games
Words and sentences linked to reference tools
Topics covering everyday life, travel and business
Additional Focused Learning Tools
Pronunciation trainer with systematic training of all sounds
Conversation trainer with 100 dialogue situations per level
Vocabulary trainer with a flash card method and an individualised list of words
Grammar trainer with 500 special exercises and 170 topics
Strokes Reference Suite including
Complete grammar with 170 topics
Dictionnary with 6400 spoken words and 2400 example sentences
Table of conjugations with 1400 verb
Special Features:
Voice recognition: train dialogues, vocabulary and pronunciation interactively
MP3-Export: Export complete dialogues and words of the dialogues for learning away from the computer
Print function: High quality printout of the lessons with the simultaneous export of relevant audio files
Create lesson plans and set individual priorities
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