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Sabir S. (Ed.) The Recovery of Gold From Secondary Sources

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Sabir S. (Ed.) The Recovery of Gold From Secondary Sources
World Scientific Publishing Co., 2016. — 233 p. — ISBN-10 1783269898.
New discoveries of the properties of gold at a nanoscale, and its effective use in modern technologies, have been driving a virtual 'gold rush'. Depleting natural resources has meant that the recovery of gold continues to grow in importance and relevance.The Recovery of Gold from Secondary Sources analyses the most advanced technology in gold recovery and recycling from spent sources of mobile phones, unwanted electronic equipment and waste materials. State-of-the-art techniques of hydrometallurgical and bio-metallurgical processing, leaching, cementing, adsorbing and separation through bio-sorbents are all described in detail, providing a guide for students and researchers. Discussion of environmentally friendly methods of recovery are presented, in order to provide modern-day alternatives to previous techniques. For those interested in the study of gold recovery this book gives a comprehensive overview of current recovery, making it the ultimate source of information for students, researchers, chemists, metallurgists, environmental scientists and electronic waste recovery experts.
-Leaching of Gold from the Spent/End-of-Life Mobile Phone-PCBs using “Greener Reagents”
- Electroless Displacement Deposition of Gold from Aqueous Source — Recovery fromWaste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) usingWaste Silicon Powder
-Adsorption of Gold on Granular Activated Carbons and New Sources of Renewable and Eco-Friendly Activated Carbons
-Development of Novel Biosorbents for Gold and Their Application for the Recovery of Gold from Spent Mobile Phones
-Environmentally Friendly Processes for the Recovery of Gold fromWaste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE): A Review
-Study on the Influence of Various Factors in the Hydrometallurgical Processing of Waste Electronic Materials for Gold Recovery
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