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Disco Mimma Flavia, Tommasini Maria Gloria. Spazio Italia 1. Corso di italiano per stranieri (A1)

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Disco Mimma Flavia, Tommasini Maria Gloria. Spazio Italia 1. Corso di italiano per stranieri (A1)
Loescher Editore, 2011. — 220 p.
Spazio Italia is aimed at enabling learners to acquire communicative skills which will allow them to interact with native speakers in different contexts.
The focus is on the spoken language, as well as on the development of written production and comprehension skills.
The course has been designed for students of all nationalities, including those whose mother tongue is typologically remote from the Italian language.
Authentic videos show real examples of the main socio-cultural aspects of everyday language.
The Spazio Italia course consists of a manual divided into ten units, a workbook corresponding to the manual and a DVD-ROM compatible with all computers.
Each unit of the manual is divided into three sections:
Living the Language (Blue Section) An introductory page followed by unit type exercises essentially communcative and practical. 'Let's Play On! concludes the section and consists of activities of a more playful nature.
Knowing the Language (Yellow Section) Returns to a focus on pronunciation, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and communicative functions presented in the course of the unit. Also focuses on the development of comprehension skills. The communicative functions of the unit are accompanied by videos included on the DVD-ROM.
Civilisation (Green Section) Invites the student to reflect on similarities and differences between the Italian culture and their own culture.
The course is divided into four volumes corresponding to levels A1 - B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
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