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Eroshkin K. The Soviets in Russia

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Eroshkin K. The Soviets in Russia
New York: Russian Information Bureau in the U. S., 1919. — 56 p.
Very frequently, we, Russian democrats and socialists, hear the following from intelligent and enlightened Americans with radical convictions and leanings: "Very true, Bolshevism is an evil ; the Bolsheviki are destroying Russia. But you have Soviets there which are taking the place of your parliaments. The Soviets are the most democratic form of government ever tried in this world. We are amazed, therefore, why you, Russian radicals, are opposed to the wishes of your own people. The Bolsheviki, admittedly, are only a political party, but the Soviets are organs of Government. How,
then, can you confound and join them together?" Such questions indicate the unfamiliarity of Americans with both the history of the Soviets and their significance and role in the Russian Revolution. Therefore we desire to explain briefly what the Soviets are, how and for what purpose they were originated, their present stage of evolution and the effect of their political functioning on the Russian people, the Russian State and Russia's welfare.
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