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Firoozabadi A. Thermodynamics and Applications of Hydrocarbons Energy Production

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Firoozabadi A. Thermodynamics and Applications of Hydrocarbons Energy Production
McGraw-Hill Education, USA, 2016. — 549 p. — ISBN 0071843256.
This state-of-the-art guide presents a systematic methodology for applying thermodynamics principles in the many areas of the hydrocarbon energy industry
Thermodynamics and Applications in Hydrocarbon Energy Production lays out a unified view of classical thermodynamics and teaches how to effectively put those theories to work in fuel exploration, preparation, and refinement.
Shale gas and oil development is a relatively new subject in petroleum engineering and is the main focus of the U.S. energy industry-this book addresses these important issues. The use of thermodynamics in reservoir, transportation system, surface facility, and refinery development is covered in full detail. Advanced chapters explain leading-edge techniques, including molecular simulation.
High-quality illustrations and tables are featured throughout
Each chapter includes examples, theory extensions, and problems
Provides practical solutions to key engineering problems
Written by a world-renowned petroleum reservoir engineering expert
Review of Basic Concepts in Bulk Phase Equilibrium Thermodynamics
General Theory of Bulk Phase Equilibria
Equation-of-State Representation of Fluid Phase Behavior and Properties
Stability and Criticality
Phase Equilibrium Computations
Theory of Irreversibility and Diffusion in Multicomponent Mixtures
Interfacial Thermodynamics
Thermodynamics of Thin Liquid Films
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