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Puri Jatin, Palanimalai Selvam. Scala Microservices

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Puri Jatin, Palanimalai Selvam. Scala Microservices
Packt Publishing, 2017. — 408 p. — ISBN 978-1786469342.
Key Features
Improve the scalability and responsiveness of your application
Examine a number of real-world use cases and hands-on code examples
Book Description
Microservices is an architectural style and pattern that is becoming hugely popular and adopted by many organizations because of the advantages that it offers. In this book we will learn what it takes to build great applications using Microservices, the pitfalls associated with such a design and the techniques to avoid them.
We start by shedding light on traditional monoliths, and the problems faced in such architectures and how Microservices are an obvious evolution to tackle such problems. We then learn to build highly performant web-services using Play Framework. You will understand the importance of writing code that is asynchronous and nonblocking and how Play leverages this paradigm internally for higher throughput.
Next we then learn about the Reactive Manifesto and understand its practical benefits by leveraging it in our design. We introduce the Lagom Framework which solves two purposes: build reactive applications that are scalable and resilient to failures, and solve the problems associated with microservices architecture like service gateway, service discovery, inter-microservice communication and streaming and so on. Message Passing is used as a means to achieve resilience, and CQRS with Event Sourcing helps us in modelling data for highly interactive applications.
What you will learn
Learn the essentials behind Microservice based architectures, the advantages and perils associated with them
Build low latency, high throughput applications using Play Framework. Understand the Play Framework internals on what makes it truly fast
Dive deeper with being asynchronous. Understand the superiority it provides and finally apply it in our architecture and in code
Derive the techniques to be highly responsive to users under all scenarios using the intricacies of the Reactive Manifesto
Introduce the impressive Lagom Framework and build an application using Lagom
Model your complex domain data for scale, performance and yet simplicity of the design with CQRS and Event Sourcing using the Lagom Persistence API
Be resilient to failures with asynchronous mode of communication across Microservices using message passing
Learn how microservices communicates using REST and other asynchronous means
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