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Montgomery G.M., Largent M.A. (eds.) A Companion to the History of American Science

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Montgomery G.M., Largent M.A. (eds.) A Companion to the History of American Science
Wiley-Blackwell, 2016. — 692 p.
A Companion to the History of American Science offers a collection of essays that give an authoritative overview of the most recent scholarship on the history of American science.
Introduction (by Georgina M. Montgomery and Mark A. Largent).
Agricultural Sciences (by Samantha Noll).
Anthropology (by Adrian Young).
Astronomy and Astrophysics (by Peter J. Susalla).
Chemistry (by Ann E. Robinson).
Computer Science (by Stephanie Dick).
Conservation Biology (by Christian C. Young).
Economics (by Ross B. Emmett).
Experimental Psychology (by Jim Wynter Porter).
Genetics (by Melinda Gormley).
Geophysics (by Matthew Shindell).
Marine Biology (by Samantha Muka).
Medical Genetics (by Andrew J. Hogan).
Meteorology and Atmospheric Science (by James Bergman).
Molecular and Cellular Biology (by Lijing Jiang).
Nuclear, High Energy, and Solid State Physics (by Joseph D. Martin).
Nutrition (by Jessica Mudry).
Paleoanthropology and Human Evolution (by Matthew R. Goodrum).
Paleontology (by Paul D. Brinkman).
Ecology (by Gina Rumore).
Sociobiology and Evolutionary Psychology (by Abraham H. Gibson and Michael Ruse).
Sociology (by Sebastian Gil-Riano).
Space and Planetary Sciences (by Erik M. Conway).
Biotechnology (by Nathan Crowe).
Darwinism (by Adam M. Goldstein).
Science Education (by Adam R. Shapiro).
Environmental Science (by Daniel Zizzamia).
The American Eugenics Movement (by Christine Neejer).
Evolution and Creation Debates (by Arthur Ward).
Field and Laboratory (by Jeremy Vetter).
Gender and Science (by Donald L. Opitz).
The Germ Theory (by Jacob Steere-Williams).
Instrumentation (by Sara J. Schechner).
Science and Literature (by Stephen Rachman).
Museums (by Amy Kohout).
Natural History (by Pamela M. Henson).
Nature Study (by Sally Gregory Kohlstedt).
Science and Policy (by Kevin C. Elliott).
Popularizing Science (by Constance Areson Clark).
Science and Postcolonialism (by Banu Subramaniam).
Racial Science (by Robert Bernasconi).
Relativity in America (by Daniel Kennefick).
Science and Religion (by Mark A. Waddell).
Sex and Science (by Miriam G. Reumann).
Zoos and Aquariums (by Christian C. Young).
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